W.H. Hoffman, his wife, Wilhelmena, and their sons.  W. H. Hoffman was a prominent photographer in Savannah


A collection of unedited biographies
written by history students
Armstrong State College
 Savannah, Georgia

    These volumes contain biographies of 19th and 20th century Savannahians written by history students of Armstrong State College. These biographies are of ordinary people from all walks of life who in some small way contributed to the history of the city of Savannah. They were prepared in partial fulfillment of requirements for Historical Method Course 300/500 taught by Dr. Roger K. Warlick, head of the History and Political Science Department.

    No attempt was made to edit these papers in any way and they are presented here exactly as submitted by the authors. Some enclosures, primarily bulky documents, were missing from the original papers and therefore are not contained herein.

    It is the hope of the compiler that this collection of biographies not only will provide some pleasure to the casual reader, but also will prove to be of some value to the future researcher.

    The biographies are in rtf format. You may view the list of biographies in alphabetical order by both subject and author.

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