Forsyth Park

Forsyth sidewalk.JPG (10382 bytes)

Gordon Street rowhouses at Chatham Square

Gordon St row.JPG (6778 bytes)

River Street west of downtown

industrial River St.JPG (6227 bytes)

Sign depicting the origin of the song "Jingle Bells" at the Unitarian Universalistic Church

Jingle Bells sign.JPG (8252 bytes)

Rowhouses at the corner of Charlton and Lincoln Streets

John Welch's house.JPG (4399 bytes)

Jones at Tatnall Streets

Jones & Tatnall.JPG (11821 bytes)

Massey School at Calhoun Square

Massie School.JPG (8115 bytes)

Savannah and the the Ogeechee Canal

O & S Canal2.JPG (3183 bytes)

Savannah and the Ogeechee Canal

O & S Canal3.JPG (5140 bytes)

Old Power Plant on Indian Steet near Martin Luther King Blvd.

old power plant.JPG (7513 bytes)

Former synogogue on Martin Luther King Blvd near Broughton Street

old synagogue.JPG (4352 bytes)

The Pirates House

Pirates' House.JPG (9941 bytes)

Savannah Electric and Power Company power plant on River Street

power plant.JPG (8046 bytes)

River Street

River St 2.JPG (4669 bytes)

An old school, now belonging to the Savannah College of Art and Design on Chatham Square

SCAD bldg.JPG (5612 bytes)

Building that formerly housed the jail

SCAD jail.JPG (8092 bytes)

The Highway 17 bridge over the Savannah River

under bridge.JPG (3329 bytes)

Unitarian Universalist Church on Troup Square

UU Church.JPG (6833 bytes)




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