A Survey in Pictures


VOLUME I  - 1940

     As a supplement to the Contemporary Georgia course offered at Armstrong Junior College by Dean J. Thomas Askew during the winter quarter of 1940, a survey of the various types of homes in Savannah was made by the class.  Each student submitted pictures of the poorer, middle, and richer homes of the city, most of which are contained in this volume.

     We believe that awareness is the first step in the remedy of any problem.  We also believe that, due to this project, the class has become conscious of the conditions of our slums, and our purpose in this volume is to impress upon others that same consciousness.

     The attitude of the class was not one of idle curiosity, but rather one prompted by a sincere and earnest desire to comprehend the existing situation.  In this book we hope to convey to others that dire necessity of some permanent improvement of the appalling conditions which we found predominant in so many sections.

Living in Savannah

Savannah Images Project