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Steering Committee "Together We Build" campaign - 1973

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Construction of Riverside Baptist Church

September 13, 1953

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150th Anniversary Committee  1950

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160th Anniversary Committee 1960
left to right:  Charles Ellis, John Rennich, Leroy Cleverdon, John B. Rabun, Alsie Rabun, Sally Ellis

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Georgia Delegation First Sunday School Conference 1959
Ridgecrest Camp, North Carolina

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Georgia Delegation - 1960
First Training Union Conference
Ridgecrest, NC

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Social activities were an important part in the life of the church.  First Baptist dominated city basketball for several years.  The 1923 women's team poses for its championship photo.

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Under the leadership of ministers Norman W. Cox and John E. White, the church saw unprecedented growth.  A number of young families posed in front of the sanctuary c. 1926.

During World War II the church opened up the Lecture Room under the sanctuary (site of Memorial Chapel) as a canteen for soldiers stationed in the area, holding parties, such as this Christmas party in 1943, dances, concerts, and other social events.

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Christmas in the "lecture room" underneath the sanctuary, 1943.

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Leroy Cleverdon at the dedication of Memorial Chapel in 1956.  The chapel replaced the Lecture Room and its folding walls which could be extended to create Sunday School rooms.  The furnishings and fixtures for the chapel were donated in memory of family and friends of the church.


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