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Church Deacons

c. 1958

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Junior Deacons

c. 1958

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1949 - 1950

left to right:  William C. Sutton , Jr., Jr. Deacon Chair; John G. Kennedy, Sr.; John Saxton Daniel; Mrs. D. W. Pearson, President WMU; Otis Stublos, Sr., Deacon Chair; S. Branch LaFar, Treasurer; Herbert Bainbridge, Jr., Sunday School Superintendent

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left to right:  J. William Johnson, incoming Sunday School Superintendent; Fred B. Haymans, President of Brotherhood; Marie Cordray, President WMU; Kelsey K. McCall, outgoing Sunday School Superintendent

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Circles have long provided a focal point for mission and social activities for women in the church.  A group of ladies gather for a meeting of the Sarah Dixon Circle c. 1920.

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Past Presidents of Women's Missionary Union - 1972

Standing, left to right:  
Alsie Rabun, 1956-1957; Mary Jane Duncan, 1970-1971
Seated, left to right:  
Carolyn Upson, 1967-1969; Rose Usher, 1965-1966; Mrs. A. T. Garrick,1951-1952

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