Time Line of Colonial Georgia
by Mr. Scott White

1696 Oglethorpe's Birth  [December 22]
1706 Oglethorpe enrolled in Queen Anne's First Regiment of Footguards [10 yrs of age]
1713 Oglethorpe commissioned as a Lt., resigned regiment Nov. 23, 1715
1716 Oglethorpe accepted as Voluntaire Attache with Prince Eugene of Savoy  [August 3]
1719 Oglethorpe re-entered Corpus Christi College, Oxford  [June 25]
1721 Fort King George is established near the mouth of the Altamaha river in the debatable lands 
1722 Oglethorpe is elected to the House of Commons, Parliament 
1728 Robert Castell, Oglethorpe's friend, dies in Fleet prison of smallpox 
1729 A bill is introduced by Oglethorpe in the House of Commons to investigate the "State of the Gaols" - [February 29]
1730 Oglethorpe and Egmont conceive of a plan for a new colony - "Georgia"
1730 The Georgia Society is formed - it seeks to obtain a charter from the king 
1732 The Georgia Society receives a Royal Charter from King George II  [June 9]
1732 Frigate Ann sailed from Gravesend, England with 114 new Georgia colonists  [November 17]
1733 Colonists arrive at Charles Towne in South Carolina  [January 13]
1733 Colonists arrive in Beaufort and are finally allowed to disembark  [January 20]
1733 Colonists arrive from Beaufort at Yamacraw Bluff (Ga. Day) [February 12]
1733 42 Jews arrive in Savannah, Oglethorpe allows them to settle in the colony [July]
1734 Salzburgers (German Protestants) arrive and settle at Ebenezer 
1734 Treaty of 1734 between Oglethorpe and the Creeks; a treaty of trade and friendship 
1734 Oglethorpe arrived in England with a delegation of Georgia Indians [June]
1735 The arrival of the Highland Scots and settlement at Darien 
1735 Construction begins on a second fort on St. Simons (Fort Frederica) 
1736 Oglethorpe orders Noble Jones to lay out a town of 40 lots and Robert Lacy to build Fort Augusta 
1736 Oglethorpe return to England to raise money for the colony and a regiment of 600 men for the anticipated conflict with the Spanish 
1739 War of Jenkins Ear-Britain declares war on Spain 
1739 Treaty of Coweta, a treaty between the British and the Creek Indians [August]
1739 Tomochichi dies and is buried in Percival, now Wright Square in downtown Savannah 
1740 Oglethorpe invades Florida with a force of Georgia and S.C. settlers and Indians. He captures St. Augustine but failed to takes Castillo San Marco 
1740 Founding of Bethesda Orphan House by renowned evangelist George Whitefield 
1742 The Spanish invade Georgia 
1742 The Battle of Bloody Marsh - the Spanish retreat to Florida
1743 Oglethorpe is promoted to the rank of Brigadier General by George II 
1743 Oglethorpe left Georgia never to return [July 22]
1744-1785 Oglethorpe met frequently in a literary circle with notable literary giants
1744 Oglethorpe married Lady Elizabeth Wright [September 15]
1745 Oglethorpe was ordered to take troops to pursue and capture defeated Jacobites 
1754 Oglethorpe loses the election and his seat in Parliament after serving 32 years 
1785 Oglethorpe's death at age 89 [June 30]