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In's own defence the author writes. 
Because when this foul maggot bites 
he cannot rest in quiet. 
Which makes him make so sad a face. 
He'd beg your worship or your grave 
Unsight unseen to buy it. (S. Wesley) 

Published by T. Redd, 2.G + Newport Street,  Long Acre 

copper plate engraving 
(7cm x 12cm) 

John Duncan Collection

owndefence.jpg (3189 bytes)

John Wesley 

from: Lady Huntington and Her Friends 

Published by American Tract Society 

Engd. by John Wesley Paradise 1853 
(6cm x 8cm) 

John Duncan Collection

paradise1853.jpg (2589 bytes)

The Rev. John Wesley M.A. Aged 85 
"An eminently pious leader of the sect called methodists, expired at London 1791." 

from: London: William Darton, 58 Holborn Hill, 1822 

stipple engraving 
(7 cm x 8.5 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

piousleader.jpg (2912 bytes)

Rev. J. Wesley Preaching on his Father's Tomb 

from: Ladies' Repository: A Montly Periodical devoted to Literature and Religion. Edited by Rev. B. f. Tefft, D.D. volume IX 

Cinncinnati: L. Swormstedt and J.H. Power, 1849 

steel engraving, drawn and engraved by F. E. Jones 
(18.5 cm  x 13 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

preachtomb.jpg (6985 bytes)

Francis Rawdon, Marquis of Hastings 

publisher: Fisher, Son & Co. London 1846 

steel engraving 
(8.7 cm  x 11.3) 

John Duncan Collection 

Rawdon.jpg (2281 bytes)

Whitefield Sailing for Georgia  

Source undetermined (circa 1853) 

wood engravings 
(11.5 cm x 7.5 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

sailingwhitfield.jpg (7585 bytes)

Whitefield preaching to sailors 

Source undetermined (circa 1853) 

wood engravings 
(11.5 cm  x 7.5 cm) 

John Duncan Collection, "Whitefield"

Sailors.jpg (7075 bytes)

Samuel Wesley, Father of the Wesleys 

source unknown 

steel engraving  by W.H. Gibbs 
(12.5 cm x 16cm) 

John Duncan Collection

Samuel.jpg (2291 bytes)

Mrs. Sarah Wesley (Mrs. Charles Wesley) 

Ladies' Repository, June , 1867 

steel engraving by W. Wellstood 1867 
(10.5 cm x 14.5 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

Sarah.jpg (2011 bytes)

1839 Centenary of Wesleyan Methodism 

front: John Wesley m.a. born 1703 died 1791 "The world is my parish." 
reverse: Charles Wesley m.a. born 1708 died 1788. centenary of wesley'an methodism 1839. 

silver 3.6 cm  (Carter, F.) 

John Duncan Collection

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