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Henry Laurens 

from The Architect of the Capitol, Art in the United States Capitol : House Document # 91-368 
Washington, DC 

Source: United States Government Printing Office, 1976. 

photographic print 
(14.5 cm x 17.5 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

henryprint.JPG (4846 bytes)

John Wesley 

Source: Rev. W. H. Daniels, A.M. The Illustrated History of Methodism, p. 22 

New York: Phillips & Hunt, 1887 

wood engraving 
(10 cm x 12.5 cm)

Jwesley.jpg (2048 bytes)

Henry Laurens Esq. 

Source undetermined (circa 1810) 

stipple engraving 
(7.4 cm x 9.5 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

Laurens.jpg (2066 bytes)

The Marquis of Hastings 

Source undetermined (circa 1890) 

(12cm  x 18.7 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

Marquis.jpg (2756 bytes)

The Rev'd George Whitefield, A.B. 

Source undetermined (circa 1740) 

(11.5 cm x 15 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

mezzotint.JPG (5299 bytes)

Whitefield assaulted by a mob  

Source undetermined (circa 1853) 

wood engraving 
(8 cm  x 12 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

Mob.JPG (8938 bytes)

Whitefield in an open boat  

Source undetermined (circa 1853) 

wood engraving 
(11.5 cm x 7.5 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

Openboat.JPG (19390 bytes)


from: S.G. Goodrich, ed. Parley's Panorama ; or, Curiosities of Nature and Art, History and Biography, p. 65 

Hartford : House & Brown , 1851  

wood engraving 
(9 cm x 6 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

oribethesda.JPG (17150 bytes)

Original Wesley Bulletin from 1891 

wood engraving  
(17.5 cm x 28 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

origwesbulletin.jpg (4463 bytes)

Whitefield's Orphan House 

from:  Rev. William Bacon Stevens, A History of Georgia,, volume 1  

New York: D. Appleton, 1947 

steel engraving 
(20 cm x 12 cm) 

John Duncan Collection

orphanhouse.JPG (12872 bytes)

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