The Women of The Irene Mound

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Oral interview of the son of Mrs. Gussie White, one of the workers at the Irene Mound.  Mr. John White is being interviewed by Gail Whalen.

speaker.gif (1913 bytes)  Pay scale of workers at Irene Mound (8 sec, 385k)

speaker.gif (1913 bytes) Visiting the site (8 sec, 346k)

speaker.gif (1913 bytes)  What was found at the site (11 sec, 480k)

speaker.gif (1913 bytes)   History (50 sec, 2.13M)

speaker.gif (1913 bytes)  Clothing of workers (22 sec, 954k)

speaker.gif (1913 bytes)  Explanation of why Mrs. White went to work (20 sec, 874k)

speaker.gif (1913 bytes)   Typical day's work (18 sec, 788k)

speaker.gif (1913 bytes)    Local African American author (42 sec, 1.79M)

speaker.gif (1913 bytes)    Some examples of Gullah (1 min 7 sec, 2.84M)

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