The Women of Irene Mound

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Tourism was very important to the Irene Mound excavation project.
School children were the most frequent visitors to the site. 
The site was open daily, but most visitors came on the weekend. 
This makeshift laboratory was built at the site with materials donated by industries in Chatham County.
Lunch time at the Irene Mound.
There was no commissary on site, so the man carrying a tin of food in the foreground brought it from home.
In the background of this photo, behind the two women working on a slump, is the wooden outhouse.
Here, two women take the opportunity to rest while leaning on their shovels.
Irene Mound was a major funerary and ceremonial mound for Native Americans.
As the skeleton was excavated, any jewelry or pottery found with it was placed in a shoebox.
Crates were constructed in sections on site and fitted very precisely over the burial.
As each section was placed over the burial, it was shimmied down and leveled.
Each side was labeled with a compass heading indicating north, south, east, or west.
Line levels, seen as strings stretching across the front of the frame, were used to help "square up" the crate.
In this photo, a worker (lower right) uses a shovel to shave away enough soil so that the frame will slide easily to the bottom. 
Each burial was labeled and photographed before it was hoisted out of the unit.
In contrast to the starkness of an exposed skeleton, this profile wall is almost as busy as a modern abstract painting.
This panoramic view shows a portion of the site at the end of the day.
In the late Fall of 1938, graduate students employed as archaeological assistants record elevations across the field.
Ingenuity at its most practical and picturesque as women use umbrellas to shield themselves from the hot Summer sun in 1938. 
The archaeologist is taking an elevation reading with a surveyor's transit, and all the workers are frozen in place. 
These women were captured on film two days after Christmas, 1937. 
A final view of some of the excavation team at Irene Mound, with their work in the background.

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