Working Alone in a Test Unit

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By December 1937, some excavators had attained sufficient proficiency and skill to work alone in test units. Several were made supervisors or team leaders. This is a good shot also because you can clearly see a lot of the "excavation hardware" used at the site. Note the sawhorse behind her, and the small wooden pegs in front of her. These pegs are placed in parallel lines throughout the site, and mark the grid system that was used to indicate test units. You can also see how the earth has been excavated to create columns around her. The photographer Floyd writes" Workman removes debris to basket which is toted out by women. In this area wattle work house remains are being uncovered." Note the split white oak baskets.   Bundled up against the cold weather, this woman wears an overcoat, scarves, and a knit cap as she carefully sifts through the soil in her shovel.

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