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Fort Wimberly as it looks today under its canopy of forest.   This view was drawn from a basometric rendition by Dr. Lawrence Babits.

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Union General William Tecumseh Sherman

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The view down the moat between the southwest bastion and the demilune toward the drawbridge and sally port

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A Union projectile is visible, at lower center, and is one of several still embedded in the masonry wall

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Highlighted in harder red brick, the scar left by Union masonry worders is obvious on the southeast angle

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Interlacing brickwork marks the joining of the scarp and wall of the southwest bastion.  Over twenty-five million bricks were used to build fort Pulaski.

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Map of Savannah and its environs created by Union engineers from captured Confederate maps

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Fieldworks, located on the Armstrong Atlantic State University campus date to the Spanish American or possible the Civil War.  Further archaeological studies are expected to determine an approximate time of construciton.

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