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Thomas Gamble, Mayor of Savannah and founding father of Armstrong.

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The Armstrong Mansion, as seen from neighboring Forsyth Park

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The Armstrong Mansion

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Armstrong College and Jenkins Hall, built to provide an auditorium for the college and named for Herschel V. Jenkins, Savannah newspaper owner and publisher, and generous patron of the college.

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Opening day faculty and staff, September 1935

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Otis Johnson, the first African-American student admitted to Armstrong in the summer of 1963, shown here at an alumni function in 1996.

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The new campus on the southside of Savannah, as it appeared when occupied in 1966.

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The Board of Regents, in May 1963, approved the conversion of Armstrong into a four-year institution.

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The program swap resulting from the Plan for the Further Desegregation of the University System of Georgia, as depicted in the Armstrong student newspaper, The Inkwell.

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In conjunction with the change to university status, a number of Armstrong faculty proposed that the college change its name in order to indicate a regional identification.

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University Hall

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With the change to University status and the adoption of the new name as Armstrong Atlantic State University, a compass logo became the institutional insignia to set the course for the new directions of the future.

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